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Embryo Adoption

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Embryo adoption is a unique decision and each embryo is a unique creation, precious and valuable – a life full of potential. Nightlight Christian Adoptions’ Snowflakes® Embryo Adoption Program, is proud to offer this unique service to couples within Utah, Idaho and adjoining states. Embryo adoption helps not only couples who want to give birth to their adopted child, but those couples who have been through the infertility process and are now storing frozen embryos. Considered “life,” they do not want to destroy these remaining embryos but would love to place them with pre-approved families. Through Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program, these placing parents have the opportunity to choose an adoptive couple who is home study approved, prepared, trained, background screened, and meets their preferences for adopting their embryo.


The Snowflakes team first takes into consideration the preferences of the placing parents in selecting a family to adopt their remaining embryos. The adopting family also provides the team with a set of preferences in a match. Family matching is done with these preferences in mind, leading to many successful matches throughout the history of the Snowflakes program.


The frozen embryo transfers can occur at the clinic where the embryos were created originally, or the adopting family may use one of the Snowflakes preferred partner fertility clinics for their frozen embryo transfer.


The Snowflakes program fee includes the legal contracts for your embryo adoption.


To view a list of frequently asked questions regarding embryo adoption, click here.


The fixed Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program fee is $9,000. In addition, there are two variable fees for services required to complete a Snowflakes Embryo Adoption. These fees will cover the cost of your home study and frozen embryo transfer.

Embryo Adoption Home Study

Snowflakes follows the best practices of adoption and requires that an adoption home study be completed by the adopting family. This helps donating families have confidence that the adoption family has been appropriately evaluated and is a safe and loving family. This process ensures the safety and protection of any children born as a result of the embryo adoption process. Your adoption home study will be completed by Nightlight Christian Adoptions.

Your Embryo Adoption Home Study includes:
• Embryo Adoption Education
• Adoption Education (parenting a child not related to you)
• Background Verification
• Verification of Family Resources (income, health insurance, child care, family support, etc.)
• Review of Family Home Space
• Discussion of Parenting Attitudes and Abilities
• Family References
• Counseling

Cost: $700.00

A complete breakdown of the costs associated with the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program can be found here.

We donated our three embryos. We are so excited for the adoptive family who now have their baby on the way! Our entire family, including my sons, ages three and five, are very proud of our decision and so excited we can bring such joy to another family.

– Scott and Gayle, Adoptive Parents

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