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About The Children

Children waiting in Bulgaria for forever homes are boys and girls between the ages of 18 months and 15 years. The majority of children waiting are children with medical needs, sibling groups, and older children. Referral times vary greatly depending on age and special needs.

Most children have a mix of ethnic and minority backgrounds including Roma, Turkish, and Bulgarian.


  • Single women and single men are allowed to adopt.
  • Parents must be 21 years of age or older- USCIS requires an adoptive parent is 25 if single.
  • An adoptive parent may be no more than 55 years older than the child.
  • In the case of single parent adoption, the parent must be at least 25 years old and no more than 50 years older than the child.


Travel and Time Frame


Adopting from Bulgaria is a two trip process. The first trip is 5-7 days long and allows the family to meet their child. Four to six months later, the family will travel again for 10 – 12 days to complete the adoption and bring their child home!

Time Frame

A family may decide to adopt a waiting child or submit a dossier and be matched with a child. The average wait time for a referral is between 3-60 months.


Adoption Process

  1. Apply to Children’s House International’s Bulgaria Program
  2. Complete the Home Study Process with a CHI Social Worker or a Local Hague Accredited Social Worker
  3. Submit Approved Home Study
  4. Apply for I-800A Approval from USCIS
  5. Compile your dossier for Bulgaria
  6. Obtain Apostille seals for dossier documents
  7. Send your Home Study, I-800A Approval, and dossier to CHI to send to Bulgaria to be translated and to obtain committee approval. At this point you may wait 6 to 48 months for a referral
  8. Once you receive your referral, you will have two weeks to ask questions and speak to a doctor about the child’s health.
  9. Once referral is received family will make their first trip to Bulgaria lasting 5-7 days
  10. The foundation in Bulgaria will take care of the legal side as you wait for your second trip.
  11. Roughly 4-6 months after, you will make your “pickup trip”. This trip includes issuance of the child’s passport, medical approval, and embassy approval.
  12. After the embassy issues the child’s visa, the family is allowed to travel home!

To view Bulgaria program fees and other costs, click here.