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Applicant Criteria for Taiwan

With the support of Taiwanese child welfare foundations, Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation, and Cathwel Services, along with Gladney Center for Adoption, we are able to work with families interested in adopting form Taiwan. All families will be considered on a case by case basis.

At this time, Gladney’s Chung Yi program and the Cathwell program are primarily open to families interested in adopting younger children, ages 3 – 5 years, with special medical or physical needs or children over the age of 5 years, and siblings groups.

Marriage: Married heterosexual couples. Must be married a minimum of 2 years (in some cases must be married a minimum of 5 years, or prove committed relationship for 5 years). Only 1 divorce per adoptive parent.
Age: Must be between 25 – 50 years old. Must be at least 20 years older than the child to be adopted.
Children at Home: There must be no more than 3 children already in the home.
Finances: Combined annual income must be at least $80,000, and net worth must be at least $80,000.
Health: Must be healthy or have only minor health concerns.
Education: Minimum of high school education or GED/vocational equivalent
Citizenship: At least one applicant must be a U.S. citizen.
History: No alcohol abuse within the past ten years, and no history of drug abuse. There can be no history of child abuse, sexual abuse, or domestic violence. There can be no history of criminal violations within the past ten years.


Taiwan – Additional Requirements for Chung Yi Program

If an adoptive parent is being treated for mental health issues (ie anxiety, depression), the condition must be stable and well managed (support letter from treating provider needed).

If one parent has (or has had) a major health concern such as lupus, deafness, seizures, multiple sclerosis, or organ transplant within the last ten years, the condition must be under good control and the other parent must be in good health.

Parents with a history of skin, thyroid, breast, or testicular cancers must be cancer free for at least three years. Parents with a history of other types of cancer or malignant tumors must be cancer free for at least five years.

Must not have significant vision loss, orthopedic limitations, psychological conditions, or infectious diseases (i.e. HIV)

Body Mass Index (BMI) must be less than 40

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