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What Is Open Adoption? What Does Open Adoption Look Like?

  So, you're checking out adoption information, and you might have heard about this thing called "open adoption." Let's spill the tea on what it's all about and what it actually looks like. Open adoption is like the modern, super chill version of adoption. It's all about keeping the connection between you, the birth parent, and the adoptive family. Think of it as creating this awesome extended

I Have an Unplanned Pregnancy – What Options Do I Have?

So, you find yourself in a situation you didn't plan for – an unplanned pregnancy. We get it, it's scary and confusing, but the cool thing is you've got options, and one of them is giving your baby up for adoption and an adoption agency can help you with the whole thing. Let's chat about it. First off, adoption can be a pretty amazing choice. There

Why Should I Choose a Local Adoption Agency?

As a birth mother facing an unexpected pregnancy, you probably have many unanswered questions. One question we are asked by many birth mothers is “Why should I choose to work with a local adoption agency?” If you are considering giving your baby up for adoption, there are several adoption service options available to you. You can access services through a national adoption agency, an adoption

Unplanned Pregnancy: What Are My Options?

As a birth mother facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may wonder what your options are. At Forever Bound Adoption, a local Utah adoption agency, we know you are making difficult decisions for your future. In order to do what is best for you and your baby, you need information about all of the options and resources available to you. Current Utah law prohibits the termination of pregnancy with very

Adoption By Numbers

In their 2022 report, “Adoption by the Numbers,” the National Council for Adoption shared information regarding adoption trends in the United States. The report is based on historical adoption trends as well as data from 2019 and 2020 (the most recent years that comprehensive data was available). According to the report: “It was estimated that 115,353 children were adopted in the U.S. in 2019. Public adoptions made up about 57%

We’ve Moved!

Since our founding in 2012, Forever Bound Adoption’s offices have been located in Morgan, Utah. Recently, we moved to a new office space in South Ogden, Utah. Conveniently, although our physical address has changed, our phone number and the email addresses you have always used to contact our staff remain the same. Should you ever have questions or need assistance, you can call or text us at (801) 821-1354.

Forever Bound Adoption: Who Are We?

Forever Bound Adoption is a full-service adoption agency licensed in Utah and Idaho. We are a private non-profit organization dedicated to the belief that every child deserves a nurturing, permanent family. Our founder and CEO, Steve Sunday, started Forever Bound in 2012. Steve has over 40 years of experience in the adoption field and is passionate about helping children, birth parents, and adoptive parents. Forever Bound Adoption’s mission is

How are Adoptive Couples Screened?

As you’ve considered all of your options for an unplanned pregnancy, you might have searched, “How can I put my baby up for adoption?” Once you’ve decided to place your baby for adoption, the most important decision you’ll make is which adoptive family is best suited to raise them. There are many factors to consider when choosing an adoptive family. We know you have concerns

Is There Any Cost to Me to Put My Baby Up for Adoption?

Often, birth mothers exploring the possibility of giving their babies up for adoption wonder if there are any costs to them for the adoption-related services they receive. The simple answer to this question is, “No.” Birth parents are not required to pay any of the expenses associated with placing their babies for adoption. At Forever Bound Adoption, a local adoption agency licensed in Utah and Idaho,