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Is Adoption Still an Option for Me? An Expectant Mom with a History of Narcotic Usage

In addition to the usage of alcohol and tobacco during pregnancy, many expectant moms question whether or not adoption is an option due to narcotic and drug usage. Using various narcotics, prior to or during pregnancy does not exclude you from the adoption process. Due to the various difficulties that narcotic usage can lead to for both the pregnancy itself and the baby, it is

Is Adoption Still an Option for Me? An Expectant Mom with a History of Tobacco Use

Current usage, or a history of Tobacco use is one of the many reasons an expectant mom may question whether or not adoption is an option for her. When creating an adoption plan, because you would like to consider giving up your baby for adoption, it is important to remember that adoption is always an option, regardless of the usage of tobacco due to the

Preparing Children Already in the Home for Adoptions

When families are thinking about adopting a child, whether from foster care, or from adoption agencies in Utah or adoption agencies in Idaho, it is important to think about those children already in the home, and how they might be affected. When children are already in the home, adopting a child can affect them because they may not get as much attention as they use to, they also might


Please understand that these blog posts are written to use language that people commonly use when searching for help with their adoption plans.  Unfortunately, while many of us are familiar with positive adoption language, most expectant moms that come to us at first do not understand what that means.  The most common search term on the internet for expectant moms is “how do I give

Pregnancy Termination is Your Choice, but Remember Adoption is an Option

Life can be really complicated sometimes and bringing a child into the world can make it even more so. When faced with an unplanned or crisis pregnancy, you may have the choice between pregnancy termination and keeping the child. But many forget to mention that adoption is an option as well. Although adoption is not mentioned in many places, it is a safe and viable

Is Adoption Still an Option for Me? A Birth Mom with Alcoholism

When making the decision about whether or not to give your child up for adoption, many questions may arise that need answers. For some women, that question could be “I am an alcoholic, is adoption still an option?” The answer to this is yes. Yes, adoption is still an option even if you currently are or have a history of heavy alcohol usage. There are families

If I adopt out my baby in Idaho, what help is there for me?

Forever Bound Adoption Idaho is a full service adoption agency that can offer help to expectant mothers who choose to adopt out their baby.  Placing a baby for adoption because of an unplanned pregnancy or crisis pregnancy can be an emotionally unsettling experience.  Having someone who will listen to you and can understand the emotions you are going through can be very helpful.  Our counselors

The Cost of Adoption In Utah

Adoption is an act of love and a joyful experience, but if you are a family thinking about adopting a child in Utah or Idaho, you should be prepared to take on some major expenses. So how much money is an adoption? The answer to this question doesn’t have a single clear dollar amount, as the cost of adoption varies widely depending on many things such as