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Common questions about adoption


Who can adopt?

  • Forever Bound Adoption, a licensed child placing agency in the State of Utah and State of Idaho, places children with single adults and married couples who qualify for adoption in Utah, Idaho. Under the laws of Utah and Idaho, Forever Bound Adoption cannot place children with persons who are cohabiting in a relationship that is not a legally valid and binding marriage under the laws of Utah and Idaho.
  • Applicants should be in good physical health, allowing them to raise the child to adulthood. Issues related to past and present medical problems must be addressed by the staff.
  • Applicants must have stable emotional and mental health.
  • Forever Bound Adoption provides services to all qualified applicants regardless of religious affiliation.
  • Income of the applicants should be sufficient to care for the child’s needs.
  • Throughout the adoption process, applicants must have medical insurance that will cover the child(ren).
  • A minimum of 10 hours of pre-adoption and 9 hours of post-adoption training is required for all adoptive couples.
  • Criminal background/child abuse checks of applicant(s) must not present concerns that would affect applicants’ ability to appropriately care for children.
  • Submitting an application as a client of Forever Bound Adoption does not ensure approval for placement.

What children are available?

Forever Bound Adoption provides services for the following:

WE also encourage couples to consider adoption through their state foster care system. For more information about Foster Care Adoption, visit our tab under How to Adopt.

Do you work with expectant parents who live out of state?

Yes, but if the expectant mother is from out of state, she must be matched with an adoptive family from the State of Utah or Idaho. Most of our expectant parents come from Utah or Idaho.

Do you work with adoptive parents who live outside of Utah or Idaho?

No, we are only licensed in Utah and Idaho, and work exclusively with adoptive parents from those states.

How long does it take to be matched with an expectant mother?

How long a couple waits for a child is dependent on two factors. The first factor is the couple themselves and how motivated they are to complete needed documents and tasks for their home study, and also how motivated they are to complete their marketing profile. The second factor has to do with the expectant mother. At Forever Bound Adoption, expectant parents generally choose who they would like to place their baby with. Some couples are selected quickly and some wait a while.

What happens if the expectant mother changes her mind after a match?

In the event that the expectant parent(s). choose not to place their child for adoption, the amounts paid as expenses for the expectant parent(s). will not be refunded to the adoptive couple, as by law, those are considered gifts. Other fees may be transferred to another potential adoption if pursued within 12 months.

How does the process work?

The first step for someone wanting to adopt is to call us at 801-821-1354 Utah, or 208-283-6286 Idaho. We will answer your initial questions, then if you want to take the next step we will set up a Zoom meeting with you so that we can meet you and make sure you understand the adoption process, and that all of your questions have been answered. After that meeting, if you are ready to move forward, you can APPLY TO ADOPT online.

The next step is to get prepared for your Home Study. There are documents and tasks that need to be completed in order to get you prepared for a Home Study. We use an online file program called My Adoption Portal that makes this process very easy to do. When everything is completed, we will assign you a caseworker who will meet with you and write your Home Study. Upon completion of your Home Study, it will be reviewed and if accepted you will be sent a Letter of Acceptance.

At this point you will be ready to develop your adoption profile. You will be contacted by our partners at ParentFinder who will work with you to develop a unique and professional adoption profile, including digital and physical picture FlipBooks, biographies and a video.

Your completed adoption profile will be featured on the Forever Bound Adoption website, ParentFinder website, Facebook and other online sources where birth parents will see you.

What is an adoption home study?

The home study is an in depth evaluation of you, your family and your home. These findings are collected in a document that describes in detail who you are, where you are from, and your motivation to adopt. The home study is composed of many items. For example, results of criminal and child abuse background checks, interviews with the applicants, personal questionnaires, reference letters, a thorough home inspection and more. The home study is generally conducted by a social worker trained to evaluate and educate families about adoption related issues including readiness and preparation for the adoption experience.

How long does it take to complete a home study?

The Home Study process usually takes between 4 to 6 weeks, but the time is mostly determined by how motivated the adoptive applicants are. There are a lot of documents and tasks that need to be completed before the Home Study can begin.

Who will complete our home study?

An employee of Forever Bound Adoption, or a contractor assigned by the agency will complete your home study.

How many baby adoption agencies in Utah and Idaho?

There are approximately 12 agencies in Utah and 3 agencies in Idaho, but none that compare with Forever Bound Adoption.

How many children are up for adoption in Utah and Idaho?

The number of children varies, but they can be adopted through the Utah or Idaho State foster care system, through private adoption, or with the help of licensed local adoption agencies.

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