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Adoption VS Abortion

Adoption VS Abortion

When I was pregnant considering adoption I had no idea where to even start. I knew almost nothing about adoption. It kind of all felt like dead ends. I had no one on my side, I really only had my mother’s support. That was about it.  I had a friend tell me I should do a pregnancy termination. Her reasoning was that I wouldn’t have to tell anyone. It would be my forever secret. I come from a very religious family and the Birth Father wasn’t in a good place in his life. Her reasoning seemed to be a pretty good option. So why did I do adoption verses abortion?


Adoption is about love, isn’t it? So as I sat with my friend in the car just crying in shock that this was now my reality. She spoke those words of pregnancy termination. I started to think more about it. I went home to sitting by myself still thinking on her words. Then the question popped into my head, “how could I take the life away from a baby who only wants love?” in that moment I knew that abortion was not in the plan. I couldn’t take the life of this sweet baby. It was my actions and my choice to do what I did, it was never the baby’s choice. Hearing that little heart beat and seeing her cute little fingers as she waved to me. As if she was saying “Hi!! Thank you for picking life for me.”


I got upset with myself. I sat there looking at this beautiful miracle thanking for its life. How on earth could I ever thinking of taking that away? I look over as my mom is crying “how could someone think pregnancy termination was ever okay?” she choked back saying. Now I really felt like this babies life was/is worth so much more. This baby didn’t do anything wrong, she was and is never a mistake. I made my choices. I kept her life so she can make her own choices. I hear so many women say “it’s my body, my choice” yet in reality you are taking the choice of a tiny little human. I will admit carrying a baby for so long to deliver that precious gift only to place them into the arms of someone else isn’t easy.


Yet to me I think it would be harder thinking at night what they would have looked like. What type of personality they would have. If they would have any of my traits, or would they may have gotten any from their father. I would think of how old they would have been. It would have been a secret that would eat me alive. I kept her life for the love she deserves, the choices she will yet make, for that little heart beat to not only change my life but the others she would touch by adoption, but mostly for the fact that her life matters.


Adoption is worth keeping that little life. No matter the pain it gives us birth mothers. Nothing in life is easy, but taking away the life of an innocent child who didn’t get that choice, well that just doesn’t seem fair to me. Keeping a life, letting them learn and grown. Completing a family who feels like their missing a piece to their puzzle. Adoption doesn’t mean you don’t want the baby but you love that baby more than yourself to give them a better life. To give that baby its forever home. Terminatng pregnancy the baby is taking that chance, that life away. Always remember adoption is about love. I loved my daughter more than anything, letting her have her life to shine for the world. Giving her and her family the chance to be whole.