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10 Reasons Not to Hit Your Child

10 Reasons Not to Hit Your Child

Discipline is a huge part of parenting. In the world of Utah adoption or Idaho adoption, discipline is something that birth mothers and adoptive couples alike need to be on the same page on. Infant adoption is daunting enough for both parties involved, so Dr. Bill Sears has been striving to help parents understand how they can best raise a happy and healthy child. Dr. Sears has worked in high-capacity positions at hospitals and was even the chief of the newborn care unit at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, CA, which is the largest children’s hospital in the world.

Recently, Dr. Sears’ organization posted an article entitled, 10 Reasons Not to Hit Your Child. This article raises awareness on the ineffectiveness and consequences of corporal punishment. His 10 reasons include…

  1. Hitting models hitting- it leaves lasting impressions.
  2. Hitting devalues the child- a child’s self-image is formed initially by how his/her parent’s view them.
  3. Hitting devalues the parent- deep down, parents don’t feel right about hitting their children.
  4. Hitting may lead to abuse- where do you stop?
  5. Hitting does NOT improve behavior- hitting actually causes a cycle of misbehavior.
  6. Hitting is not actually biblical
  7. Hitting promotes anger in both children and parents- children view punishment as unfair and are more likely to rebel to corporal punishment more than any other type of punishment.
  8. Hitting brings back bad memories- memories of spanking or hitting can scar even the most otherwise joyful childhood memories.
  9. Abusive hitting has bad long-term effects- spanking can leave physical and emotional scars.
  10. Spanking doesn’t work- there is no usefulness proven for spanking.

Please follow this link https://www.askdrsears.com/topics/parenting/discipline-behavior/spanking/10-reasons-not-hit-your-child to read the full article. For more information about Utah infant adoption, please call Forever Bound Adoption at 801-821-1354.