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18 Books About All Different Kinds of Families

18 Books About All Different Kinds of Families

We love to read. We always have. Our toddlers have adopted our reading habits and usually choose to look at books over most other toys. We began reading to our kids as soon as they were born. We’d hold them on our chest as they slept and we’d read the same books over and over.  I believe that reading sparks their imagination and influences them in so many ways through fun and heart-warming stories. We have many books that are specific about adoption. They’re great to explain adoption situations in ways that perhaps we wouldn’t think of and to spark conversation around tricky subjects with our kids.  However, we don’t want to teach them about adoption alone. We want them to see how families can be made in all different kinds of ways. We want them to fully embrace diversity and inclusion. We want them to see people or families that look different, talk different, or act different and appreciate them without judgement.  More than that, it opens their eyes to different cultures, experiences and ways of life.

As an adoptive family, we’re “different” than the norm. We just are. That’s okay. I love our family and how we were intricately put together. But, as all parents do, I want my children to feel “normal”. I don’t ever want them feeling different (in a negative way) or out of place just because they were adopted. Because our family is “different”, I feel strongly about showing my kids that there are so many ways to be a family. There are step families, adopted siblings, children being raised by grandparents or aunts, biological families, etc. I believe that by showing my kids all the different ways to be a family, they’ll feel completely “normal” and accepted just as we are. I also feel like this will allow my kids to have a completely open heart to other people, cultures, and ways of life. My hope is that these stories and influences will open their eyes to accept people as they are without judgement.

Here are 13 of our favorite books about all different kinds of beautiful families – all built on love!


  1. Familes, Families, Families! by Suzanna Lang & Max Lang
  2. Who’s In My Family? by Robie H. Harris
  3. A Family is a Family is a Family by Sara O’Leary
  4. This Is How We Do It by Matt Lamothe
  5. Children Around the World by Donata Montanari
  6. The Family Book by Todd Parr
  7. All Kinds of Families by Mary Ann Hoberman
  8. Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Pena
  9. Good Night Families by Adam Gamble
  10. Families by Shelley Rotner
  11. The Colors of Us by Karen Katz
  12. One Family by George Shannon
  13. Whoever You Are by Mem Fox
  14. What We Wear: Dressing Up Around the World by Maya Ajmera
  15. My Family, Your Family by Lisa Bullard
  16. Two Homes by Claire Masurel
  17. Mommy, Mama, and Me by Leslea Newman
  18. Stella Brings the Family by Miriam B. Schiffer


These heart-warming books are true testaments to the phrase “love makes a family”. As humans, we are innately capable of loving one another even when our DNA doesn’t match. Love endures so many things and it deserves to be appreciated in every way. Teach your child that every person and family deserves to be respected and appreciated – no matter how they were brought together!


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