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If I adopt out my baby in Idaho, what help is there for me?

If I adopt out my baby in Idaho, what help is there for me?

Forever Bound Adoption Idaho is a full service adoption agency that can offer help to expectant mothers who choose to adopt out their baby.  Placing a baby for adoption because of an unplanned pregnancy or crisis pregnancy can be an emotionally unsettling experience.  Having someone who will listen to you and can understand the emotions you are going through can be very helpful.  Our counselors at Forever Bound Adoption can help you through this difficult experience.

We will assign a counselor to you to answer all your questions and give you the emotional support you are going to need.  She will be a great help and resource for you.  She will help you through all of the required documents needed to legally place a child for adoption, and if you need financial assistance, or medical assistance, related to your pregnancy, your counselor will see that your needs are met.

Forever Bound Adoption has established the Fred M. Riley Scholarship and Counseling Foundation for Birth Mothers.

  • This scholarship fund provides opportunities for birth mothers to continue their education. When hope for the future seems dim because of circumstances, financial or otherwise, this scholarship fund can provide a boost up that can help. We encourage birth mothers in need of this assistance to apply for this scholarship.
  • The Fred M. Riley Birth Parent Counseling Fund offers financial assistance to birth parents in continued need of clinical counseling following the placement of their child through adoption.



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