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Adoption By Numbers

Adoption By Numbers


In their 2022 report, “Adoption by the Numbers,” the National Council for Adoption shared
information regarding adoption trends in the United States. The report is based on historical
adoption trends as well as data from 2019 and 2020 (the most recent years that comprehensive
data was available). According to the report:

“It was estimated that 115,353 children were adopted in the U.S. in 2019. Public
adoptions made up about 57% of the total domestic adoptions in 2019, and the
remaining 43% were private adoptions. This estimate for the total number of
domestic adoptions is higher than estimates reported for previous years. This is
due to the increased number of public adoptions.
The total number of domestic adoptions decreased significantly in 2020. It was
estimated that 95,306 children were adopted in the U.S. in 2020, which is about
a 17% decrease from 2019. Public adoptions comprised 58% of the total
domestic adoptions in 2020, and private adoptions made up 42%. A decrease in
the number of adoptions was observed in all states and the District of Columbia
except for one state, South Dakota. In South Dakota, the total number of
domestic adoptions increased by 4% from 2019 to 2020.” (Koh, et al. “Adoption
By the Numbers.” National Council for Adoption, 2023.
adoptioncouncil.org/research/adoption-by-the-numbers/ )

This reported decrease in United States adoptions for 2019 and 2020 matches placement
decreases experienced by adoption agencies around the country over the past four years.

Forever Bound Adoption, a local full-service adoption agency licensed in Utah and Idaho, has
experienced similar decreases in the number of birth mothers placing their children for
adoption. Unfortunately, the decrease in placements does not match the increase in couples
and individuals hoping to adopt. This difference makes it more important than ever before that
adoptive applicants engage in outreach efforts to connect them with potential birth parents.

As part of the adoption process through Forever Bound Adoption, adoptive parents are asked to
participate in our outreach program. Prior to doing outreach, you will be trained by a
caseworker and provided outreach materials. You will then distribute outreach materials to local
church congregations, schools, hospitals, work-places, community organizations, and personal
acquaintances. You can also do outreach by promoting Forever Bound Adoption on social media
channels. Your active participation in outreach programs helps keep our adoption fees much
lower than those of other agencies and increases the chance that your adoptive profile will be
seen by potential birth parents.

In turn, Forever Bound Adoption shares your adoptive profile on our website and social media
accounts, as well as ParentFinder.com, and UnitedforAdoption.com, increasing the potential of
connecting with birth parents. Forever Bound Employees are actively involved in outreach
efforts, sharing our services and approved adoptive parent profiles with churches, agencies,
schools, and other organizations throughout Utah and Idaho.
If, through your outreach efforts, you connect with a birth mother who would like to place her
baby in your home, Forever Bound Adoption can continue to help you through every step of the
adoption process. We also provide vital services to birth mothers including counseling,
assistance in locating and accessing needed resources, and long-term support through
education and counseling grants. We genuinely want to make the adoption process a smooth
and positive one for everyone involved.

If you have questions or would like additional information about Forever Bound Adoption’s
outreach program, or any of the other services we provide, please feel free to call or text us at
(801) 821-1354. We would love to help you explore your adoption options and get you started
in the process of building your family.