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Beating the Summertime Blues

Beating the Summertime Blues

Are your kids starting to get the summer boredom bug?  Are they watching too much TV or playing on gadgets a little more than you would like?    I know the answer at my home is a big YES!   Camden, my nine year old seems to have his DS attached to his hip while my youngest, Spencer,  is begging to get Camden off his DS and wants him to jump on the trampoline with him.   It ends in an argument and the 5 year old starts stopping around.   Super fun times for this Mom! L

When the kids start to complain I know it is time to switch things up a bit.    Here is our answer to summer boredom.

monsters brenley stamped
In June my daughters attended Girls Camp.  During camp they learned how to make little “Monsters”.  These monsters are then taken to Primary Children’s Hospital where they are given to children to help lift their spirits.   I love this idea especially since I have had a child in there for a week and know how hard it is to keep your little one happy.  My oldest daughter, Brenley, loved this idea so much she decided to make more when she came home.    She has now expanded her new sewing talent and has made elephants and yetis.   All of the patterns she found free online.  Brenley is planning to make a monster for her two cute Birth Sisters who are just he right age to really appreciate the creature!

Face painting
Face painting stamped

My girls love to do what I call “cheek art”.   I send a message on our neighborhood Facebook page letting parents know they can bring their kiddos over to our house and my girls will be out front ready to paint cheeks or the whole face if the child wishes.   Last time we did this we had a big line and it made some little kids and their parents pretty happy!  Brenley and Haley have also helped with face painting at Adoption events.

Acts of kindness
service bucket
I challenged my girls this summer to see how much service they could do in three days.   My oldest daughter, Brenley,  took this challenge to the next level and used her own babysitting money to buy a whole bunch of summer fun items from the dollar store and a bunch of treats.  She put it all in a bucket and with the help of her sister she left it on the doorstep of a home in our area.  We had a great laugh delivering the bucket as the girls pushed the doorbell and then ran as fast as they could in hopes of keeping the gift anonymous.   This would also be a fun thing to do for a child’s birth family.  As my children’s birth parents get married and start a family it has been fun to have the opportunity to do gifts for these new little ones.   What preschooler doesn’t love water shooters??

Lego challenge
Our boys get the Lego magazine in the mail.  They LOVE Legos.  Usually in each magazine there is a challenge for the kids to build something specific.  They are supposed to use their imagination, build it then snap a picture and send it to the Lego Company.   Then a winner is chosen.    My nine year old loves to take the challenge and he spends the better part of a day or two getting it all built.    He hasn’t won anything yet but he keeps trying.

These are just a few ideas we have used to make summer a little less about the being lazy and a little more fun.   Most of these ideas are about serving others.   There is a special feeling when we serve another person.  My kids feel it and they are happier for it!

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Brenda Horrocks is a mother of four children through adoption.
She promotes adoption, foster care and Utah’s Safe Haven Law through blogging, public speaking and writing. She enjoys time with family, reading books, running, gardening and movies.

You can visit her blog here.