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Birth Mother Resources and Grants for Scholarships or Counseling

Birth Mother Resources and Grants for Scholarships or Counseling

Placing a child for adoption is extremely courageous and difficult. We recognize that, and
work to find ways to assist birth mothers. Forever Bound Adoption is closely affiliated with
United for Adoption and the Fred M. Riley Foundation to give back to birth mothers in any way
that we can. One way we do this is through providing scholarships for schooling and grants for

For the counseling grant, the individual must fill out the application themselves,
providing documentation of their adoption placement as well as submitting a 400-word essay
answering a few questions that are outlined in the application. The applicant then fills out the
application section and mails it to the Fred M. Riley Foundation.

The scholarship fund is also a resource available to any birth mother enrolled in school.
The scholarship is valid for any four-year university throughout the nation, as well as community
colleges and even trade schools such as the DATC located in Kaysville, Utah. The individual
must apply for the scholarship themselves and provide documentation that they have placed a
child for adoption. These applications must be received by the foundation at least three months in
advance of the applicant starting school, and they will be notified by mail of any acceptance.
Applicants also must have, and maintain, a grade point average of at least 2.5 and provide an
essay answering questions outlined in the application.

These resources are made available to help birth mothers cope with life after placement.
United for Adoption, Forever Bound Adoption, and the Fred M. Riley Foundation work together
to help birth mothers achieve their full potential during and after placement.
For more information regarding grants and scholarships, please call Forever Bound Adoption at
801-821-1354 or visit saferdownstream.org to find the applications and apply today!