5 Misconceptions of Adoption

There are so many misconceptions regarding adoption. Mostly, those around us are simply unaware and uneducated about the topic. In the past, society has not always celebrated this occurrence or recognized that families are now made in so many different ways. We’re evolving from decades of living in a society that only recognized the “traditional” family and way of life. The concept of families is

When Adoption Doesn’t Go As Planned

My family just experienced a failed adoption.  Many people in the adoption community somewhat balk at the term “failed adoption” because they believe it’s disrespectful to the parents who have bravely decided to parent instead of placing their child with an adoptive family. This is understandable. However, I can tell you first hand that it very much feels like a devastating failure for the hopeful

The Chronically Ill Child: When Our Best Doesn’t Seem Good Enough

“When something goes wrong with children’s bodies, the reverberations penetrate deep into the consciousness of families and health professionals alike.” Susan McDaniel, Jeri Hepworth, and William Doherty, Medical Family Therapists Who of you parents have not stayed by the bedside of your child with a raspy cough, congested sinuses, warming temperature, or upset stomach? Illness is a strikingly predictable feature of childhood. Acute illness is bad