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Good Things Are Coming to Idaho!

Good Things Are Coming to Idaho!

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Idaho locals will tell you that Idaho has become a popular place to move. Known for its adoption friendly
community, Idaho was a natural place for Forever Bound Adoption to expand. While new to Idaho,
Forever Bound Adoption has been in operation since 2014 in Utah. It has a reputation for providing
professional and ethical adoption services to birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees.

Experienced Team:

Forever Bound Adoption is a member of the National Council for Adoption (NCFA) and employs a staff of dedicated and experienced adoption professionals who have worked in adoption for decades. Forever
Bound Adoption of Idaho is under the direction of Amy Curtis, LCSW. She has over 20 years of adoption
experience. Amy is an Idaho native and a passionate adoption advocate, “Idaho is an adoption friendly
state with a growing adoption community that embraces all members of the adoption triad.” With her
team, Forever Bound Adoption of Idaho is prepared to become a welcome new addition to the Idaho
adoption community.

Unplanned Pregnancy?

The Forever Bound Adoption team of infant adoption professionals is dedicated to helping expectant
parents understand all of their available options, and empowering them to make the choice they believe
is best for them. Forever Bound Adoption will consult and assess the pressing financial needs of birth
parents experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. The agency ensures that birth parents don’t need to
worry about medical bills, hospital arrangements, or legal fees when planning an adoptive placement. As
always, these services are free of charge to birth parents!

Hoping to Adopt?

There are several unique advantages for adoptive families working with Forever Bound Adoption of
Idaho: local staff giving professional and timely support throughout the adoption process, user-friendly
online tools to manage adoption paperwork and online parent profiles, and it is the only agency in Idaho
that provides adoption financing services- free of charge! For many aspiring to adopt, it is an
opportunity to bring their adoption dreams into reach.

Building Adoption Community:

Forever Bound Adoption of Idaho also supports the local adoption community through sponsoring
United for Adoption (UFA). UFA is an organization that promotes the culture of adoption through
education, outreach, support and activities. In the last several years, UFA and Forever Bound Adoption
have hosted a variety of adoption activities for community members of the Treasure Valley. To learn
more or become involved, contact Forever Bound Adoption or visit www.unitedforadoption.org.

New Opportunity:

If you are living in Idaho and seeking professional, affordable and ethical adoption services, call Forever
Bound Adoption of Idaho. You will receive timely, confidential assistance from our staff. We welcome all
inquiries. 1-208-865-3678 P.O. Box 1685, Eagle, ID 83616

For more information about Forever Bound Adoption of Idaho, visit www.foreverboundadoption.org.