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Happy Birth Mothers Day!

Happy Birth Mothers Day!

Each year a special day comes that that is unknown to many. This day is called Birth Mothers Day. It is celebrated the day before Mothers Day. Birth Mothers Day was started in 1990 by a woman from Seattle, Washington named Mary Jean Wolch-Marsh.

For Birth Mothers:

Today is your day. It’s a day to honor yourself and remember your strength. Although this day may be difficult, and for some a day of grieving, it’s important to remember that you are a hero to many in your life. You may want to spend this day alone by going and getting a pedicure or you may want to spend the day with other birth-mothers. Whatever it is take time to acknowledge your grief of assert your joys! The creator of this day stated “May Birth Mother’s Day bring acknowledgement and recognition to every birth mother who ever loved a child lost to adoption. May it honor and celebrate every mother who became childless after birthing a child, and was forgotten on Mother’s Day.”

Tomorrow is a day to celebrate with the woman you placed with, but today is the day to take time for you as a mother.

For Adoptive Mothers and adoptee’s:

What a wonderful day to celebrate someone who gave the gift of life! If you are lucky enough to have contact with this person you may want to send her a poem, a letter or a small gift to recognize her. Below are some ideas…

Stickers, Letters etc.- http://www.zazzle.com/birthmoms/gifts?cg=196451251208256453

Jewelry- https://www.etsy.com/shop/therhouse

Clothes- https://www.etsy.com/shop/HappyGoatDesigns

Adoptees and their adoptive mothers who have not reconnected can also share in ceremonies to honor and remember the birth mother experience and the gift of life by attending a group or writing a blog of gratitude.

On Birthmother’s Day, take a moment and think of the strong women out there who have placed a child for adoption. We love you and honor you all!