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How to Put a Child Up For Adoption

How to Put a Child Up For Adoption


How to put a child up for adoption is a question that one doesn’t ask every day, but for a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, or a crisis pregnancy it may be the most difficult question she will ever ask.  Knowing that there is help out there, adoption help for pregnant women considering adoption, can make that question an easier one to ask.

Adoption is an act of love.  Putting up a baby for adoption, with a local adoption agency, is a huge sacrifice on the part of an expectant mother, but adoption is all about everlasting love, a new beginning, and a brighter future.  Though it pulls at the heart strings, these expectant mothers know that love is truly the heart and soul of adoption.

A local adoption agency that puts the needs of an expectant mother first can be like a guardian angel in the life of an expectant mother.  Forever Bound Adoption caseworkers are adoption specialists in Utah.  They go beyond finding families for children, or adoption networking.  Birth parent services and children’s services are always their top priority.

So to answer the question, how to put a child up for adoption, it all starts with a text, phone call, or email.  If an expectant mother will help the local adoption agency understand her situation, they can help her understand not only the adoption process and open adoption, but how they can be of service to her.  Know too that placing a baby for adoption is always free, there are never any costs for the expectant parents.

Sometimes the expectant parents may have some drug issues they are dealing with, and they worry that this may be a problem if they decide to put their baby up for adoption.  Drugs can be very harmful to an unborn baby, so hopefully the expectant mother can stop using drugs as soon as she realizes she is pregnant. That being said, there are families and couples that will still love her baby with all their heart and soul in spite of drug issues.

If an expectant mother decides to go forward with an adoption plan with Forever Bound Adoption, she will be assigned a caseworker that will be there for her throughout the rest of her pregnancy.  This caseworker will be that angel she needs to help her through the needs of pregnancy, selecting a family for her child, meeting with and getting to know the adoptive family (if that is her desire), the hospital experience, placing her child, and all the legal documents required for an adoption.  Birth parent counseling is always available as needed.

Forever Bound Adoption has established a foundation to help birth mothers that have put a baby up for adoption.  It is called the Fred M. Riley Foundation, named after a man beloved in the adoption community.  This foundation offers the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to get back into school if desired, or a grant for additional counseling down the road as needed.

So yes, there is help for pregnant women considering adoption, and local adoption agencies that will guide expectant mothers through how to put a child up for adoption.

We can help!  Give us a call (or text)  Forever Bound Adoption 801-821-1354