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I Had An Amazing Experience Last Week…birth mom to birth mom!

I Had An Amazing Experience Last Week…birth mom to birth mom!

I had an amazing experience last week where I was able to meet with another birth mom. Something special about the two of us is we both placed our babies with the same family. She placed three years before my son went to his adoptive family and was part of the reason I picked them as a family.

I think it’s very therapeutic to talk to other women who have placed and who have gone through similar things so you can feel somewhat normal in your thinking.

Talking with this amazing woman made me feel more at peace with my situation and more grateful as to where I was in my life. It’s crazy to think that it’s been 12 years sense I placed my son in his parents arms but it’s also incredible to see where we both are in our personal lives.

In our conversation we told each other our stories of how we got pregnant, how we chose to adopt, and our journey through pregnancy. We are both very different people and we come from very opposite lifestyles yet we had a common bond of sisterhood through our stories and who we chose for our children.

I wanted to share a couple things that I thought were interesting and helpful to anyone who has just placed a baby.

  1. I place a boy and my new friend placed a girl. There is a difference in how the children approach the adoption situation! We laugh when we hear other birth mothers say the same thing. Girls tend to ask more questions about their birth parents than the boys do.
  2. The connection you feel is intense but the painful feelings that do come fade quickly. You see the Joy, the Gift, the Love that you have, the adoptive parents have and that is what gets you through. You will always carry that.

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