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Is Adoption Still an Option for Me? An Expectant Mom with a History of Tobacco Use

Is Adoption Still an Option for Me? An Expectant Mom with a History of Tobacco Use


Current usage, or a history of Tobacco use is one of the many reasons an expectant mom may question whether or not adoption is an option for her. When creating an adoption plan, because you would like to consider giving up your baby for adoption, it is important to remember that adoption is always an option, regardless of the usage of tobacco due to the multitude of families who are looking to expand their families through adoption and are willing to take a child into their home regardless of medical issues.

What is considered tobacco use?

  • Vaping
  • Smoke inhalation from cigarettes, pipes, and cigars
  • Sniffing, Sucking, or Chewing Tobacco

Using tobacco in any variety can cause potential harm to an unborn child. This harm could be preterm birth, low birth weight, tissue damage, particularly in the lung and brain, and birth defects of mouth and lip.

Forever Bound Adoption, a full service, child placing adoption agency in Utah and Idaho, or any other adoption agency in Utah, or adoption agency in Idaho, will assist in finding you resources and support to ensure a safe delivery for both you and your baby. Being upfront and honest about your history and current usage of tobacco will allow both the Utah adoption agency, or Idaho adoption agency, and potential families to prepare and plan for birthing outcomes. Forever Bound Adoption will work with you in creating an adoption plan regardless of any current usage, or history of tobacco use.