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Kristi’s Story

Kristi’s Story



What does being a birth mother mean to me? WOW!! I will try to put my feelings into words best as possible. I am the luckiest birth mother in the world. I never knew the hardest thing I’ve done in my life (which was to place my little girl 3 1/2 years ago) could have been the BEST thing that I’ve EVER done. She has the been the joy that turned my life right side up and I will forever be grateful to her. As I reflect on the years and all that I’ve been through since I’ve had her, I am so lucky I had the strength in myself, and that my family and friends believed in me and helped me along the way as well. Kesley has not only touched and helped my life, but hundreds of others as well. Every time I have the opportunity to share my story I get so excited and someone without fail has an experience to share or question to ask. What a great way to give back to Adoption.

From the day I found out that I was pregnant and not married, I knew that it was my little girls life that was the #1 concern. What is BEST for her? She deserved to be raised by both a mom and dad and let me emphasize that she has the most AMAZING parents in the world who adopted her. She couldn’t be luckier if she wanted to be. Kesley is loved by everyone around her and she brings so much joy into her families lives and mine as well and THAT is one of the greatest joys of being a birth mother, being able to see the LOVE she receives. The day of placement was the hardest day I’ve ever had, but bitter sweet because I knew she was going to the home that she was brought to this earth for and I can say a thousand times over that she was MEANT to be in the family she’s in and that is another reason being a birth mother is so amazing, no regrets!

Being a birth mother has changed my life completely. I find myself more loving, understanding, none judgmental, and at peace in my life with being able to trust myself and all around a better person. Placing a child is a huge decision, but after all is said and done to see how the puzzle pieces fit perfectly together is a miracle. I am lucky to have learned the things I’ve learned by being a birth mother and am especially lucky to have such a great relationship with her family and to be apart of that MIRACLE!

Every time I see Kesley she gets so excited! I get a HUGE smile and hug from her, and that to this day is one the greatest gift of being a birth mother. I’m excited for the future and what it brings because I know that everyone who is involved in our Miracle will only become closer! I’m excited to see Kesley conquer the world with her personality and smile! But…

The BEST part of being a Birth Mother is being able to Bless a Family’s life!