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Myths & Facts About Adoption

Myths & Facts About Adoption

Here at Forever Bound Adoption, we understand that adopting is a huge part of a lot of family’s lives. We would like to help by clearing up some common misconceptions about giving up a child for adoption, and adopting a child.

  1. After placing my child for adoption, I will never see them again.

MYTH. This is 100% your choice! From the start of the adoption process you can work with a qualified adoption agency to determine how you want the process to go, and the level of openness with the adoptive parents that you would like.

  1. There are no costs to me as a birthmother.

FACT. The cost of Utah infant adoption, or Idaho infant adoption, is free for birth mothers. Your pregnancy and delivery costs not covered by medical insurance or Medicaid will be paid by the adoptive couple that you choose for your child. Other pregnancy related costs that you may incur will also be paid by the adoptive parents.

  1. A birthmother can take the child back whenever she wants.

MYTH. In the state of Utah, the birth mother cannot relinquish her parental rights until 24 hours after the birth of the child.  In Idaho, the relinquishment paperwork is signed before a judge after the birth mother leaves the hospital. The birth mother however has the right to wait as long as she wishes to relinquish her parental rights.  Once the relinquishment document has been signed the birth mother’s parental rights are terminated, and the child then legally belongs to the adoptive parents.

  1. Open adoption is confusing for the child.

MYTH. In an open adoption, children and birth families are able to stay in contact with each other through pictures, letters, texts, blog posts, or occasional visits, or however the families see fit. Open adoption helps children feel secure in their identity. They feel loved by both their birth parents and their adoptive parents. “It gives children access to their genetic heritage and can help the child develop a stronger sense of self” -Antionette Cockerham

  1. I can adopt through the Foster Care system.

FACT. There are two ways to adopt children from Foster Care: the first is “foster-to-adopt”; the second is “adopt a waiting child”. https://utahfostercare.org/adopt/

For more information regarding Idaho and Utah infant adoption, please contact Forever Bound Adoption at 801-821-1354.