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Older Children and Foster Care

Older Children and Foster Care

Did you know that as of 2017 there were 442,995 children in the foster care system? Of
that number, 19,945 aged out. Older children in foster care are less likely to be adopted and more
likely to age out. Aging out means that the children in foster care between 18-21 years of age no
longer have resources from the state and are no longer in contact with their birth mother, birth
parents, or family. In other words, they have no support system. These resources that are no
longer available to them, make them more prone to homelessness, job instability, the inability to
receive a higher education, unplanned pregnancy, and living below the poverty line. How do we
stop this from happening? How can we help older children in the foster care system? Well, we’re
glad you asked.

Imagine what it was like for you when you became an adult and you set out to conquer
the world. Did you have family by your side to support, love and care for you? Children who age
out of foster care do not have this. They enter adulthood with no support system. They have no
resources. Through adoption, you can become that support system for them. Older children need
to be adopted and taken in just as much as younger children.

Adopting a child from foster care can be hard. This child may have been through years
of trauma, been ripped out of their biological families’ home, and stayed with many other foster
families. They may have been through things that no child should have to endure. Adopting an
older child from foster care may result in some push back and rebellion, but it is important to
remember that they have not grown up with healthy coping skills and they are scared of what
their future holds. Although it may be difficult, it will all be worth it when you see them
graduating from college, getting their dream job, buying their first car, meeting their partner,
having children of their own, etc. All of that will be because you opened your heart and home to them and made them a part of your family. Adopting older children from foster care, saves lives.

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