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Pregnancy Termination is Your Choice, but Remember Adoption is an Option

Pregnancy Termination is Your Choice, but Remember Adoption is an Option

Life can be really complicated sometimes and bringing a child into the world can make it even more so. When faced with an unplanned or crisis pregnancy, you may have the choice between pregnancy termination and keeping the child. But many forget to mention that adoption is an option as well. Although adoption is not mentioned in many places, it is a safe and viable option for those who have an unplanned pregnancy and cannot support the child. Many families are looking to adopt and through adoption many children have had happy lives with adoptive families. In an open adoption, birth mothers also can have positive relationships with the child and the adoptive family after the placement that can be long lasting.

With only 1% of birth mothers choosing adoption, there is a lack of knowledge of the resources and information available for them to help them understand the benefits of adoption. https://www.foreverboundadoption.org/pregnant/    There are many couples and families that are looking for a child if they cannot have one of their own. https://www.foreverboundadoption.org/families/#/

Angela, in the article down below, knew that there was a family out there that could care for her baby girl more than she could at that time. Because of that fact, she put her baby up for adoption and has never regretted it. She knew her daughter would have a better chance at a happy life with another family. There is nothing that can express the love that a mother has for a child to place it into a loving home that can provide the resources that she might not be able to. Although it might be a hard choice, always know, adoption is an option.