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Preparing Children Already in the Home for Adoptions

Preparing Children Already in the Home for Adoptions

When families are thinking about adopting a child, whether from foster care, or from

adoption agencies in Utah or adoption agencies in Idaho, it is important to think about those

children already in the home, and how they might be affected. When children are already in the

home, adopting a child can affect them because they may not get as much attention as they use

to, they also might think that the parents love the new child more. The children involved need to

feel safe, loved, and supported by both of their parents. This means the child coming into the

home needs a safe place to be, and the child or children that are already in the home need to

know that they are continuously loved.


In this podcast, they discuss how to prepare the children in the home for adoption of a

new child. They talk about what issues could arise in the home and how to handle them. Many

issues deal with openness. Talking to children about adoption with openness is key in this

process because it helps them understand it. Along with talking with them, read them books

about what is going on. Each child may have a different understanding depending on their age,

and their levels of thought. Explain as much as you can to the child, so it makes sense to them. If

you are adopting an older child into the family, talk to them and ask them what they are

comfortable with talking about. All the children need to know they are wanted, and their

opinions are valid.