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Support Children and Families touched by Adoption through NCFA

Support Children and Families touched by Adoption through NCFA

SteveSundayFamilyI serve on the Board of Directors for the National Council for Adoption. It is my privilege to stand with NCFA in helping to support children and families touched by adoption.
Many of you understand the importance of children having permanent families. For this reason and for many more we hope you will join us in supporting the National Council For Adoption as we celebrate 35 years of adoption advocacy and outreach.

Here is how NCFA is making a difference:

Global Adoption Project
NCFA supports legislation that strengthens inter-country and global adoption processes to improve the living situations of children living in institutions around the world and shorten the length of time that children spend outside of family care.

Families For All
More than 400,000 children currently live in U.S. foster care. Approximately 102,000 of these children are waiting to be adopted by a loving family. Unfortunately, more than 123,000 youth every year “Age out” of foster care without finding their forever family.

The iChooseAdoption campaign provides accurate and up-to-date information about adoption to expectant parents facing an unintended pregnancy.

I hope you will support us in some small way to make a difference through your contributions or the contributions of your company. This will make a huge difference in advancing children’s rights in the U.S. and around the world.

Thanks for considering our plea. I know that there are many worthwhile causes that demand your attention but nothing we do can ensure a better outcome for our future world than ensuring healthy, adjusted children. The best place to support them is to provide them with a loving family.

To donate go to: https://www.adoptioncouncil.org/donate

— by Steve Sunday, President/CEO Forever Bound Adoption