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Thoughts of a Birth Mother

Thoughts of a Birth Mother

Regardless of whether you are a birth mother, an adoptive parent, an adoptee, or a neighbor of someone who adopted. All can gain insight from the touching blog, “I’ll Love You For Always”.

The blogger is from Arizona, she is a single mom, a student, and she is a birth mother. This birth mother placed her baby boy, Benjamin (aka “B”), 11 months ago for adoption. She finds a way to cope through the distance between her and her boy through blogging. As a result, her blog advocates for adoption as many are impacted when reading her journey through adoption. The blog post this week stated…

My B’s parents never fail to thank me for my gift to them, for making them parents, giving them their dream of raising a child. They do all they can to make sure I never forget what my gift meant to them. And it’s amazing of them to do so. But then I think of what they have done for me. Of the fact that they saved me and Jack from such a dark place. I don’t know where I would be if I had kept B and went about my life the way I was living it. I don’t know if I would even be alive today, but I doubt it. They, through adoption, love, compassion… they gave me hope. They, and a few others, showed me that I could make it. That I was worthy of happiness and success. That despite what I’d believed most of my life, I was WORTH saving, I deserved to live a good life. They had faith in me when I had none in myself.

Adoption is a so complex, and so varied, that it means something different to everyone. Some say that one day I will grow to hate “what adoption did to me”. But I say they are wrong. I will go to bed each night thanking God for the courage to make the choice I made. Thanking Him for the couple He brought into my life. Because without those things, my boys and I would still be lost. I wouldn’t be working and attending school, raising my oldest son the right way, and living in my own apartment.

Truly, I will ALWAYS love adoption. Because the absolute truth of the matter is…adoption saved my life.”

It is enjoyable to read this blog because of the insight gained after reading each post. She doesn’t sugarcoat it, she say’s it as it is and she speaks of open adoption with enjoyment. Every adoptive couple, every birth mother, every person can learn from this adoption.


My favorite post that she’s posted was Thursday, December 26th, 2013. Click below, read, and than tell us your favorite line.