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TIPS for Birth Moms

TIPS for Birth Moms

Here are some suggestions that helped me get through the tough times,
and helped the good times become GREAT!
1.  Set goals.   I needed to set goals for myself so I could focus on things that were in my control. Depending on your age, these goals could include:

  • get your driver’s license
  • graduate high school
  • find a job
  • go to college
  • find a trade school
  • finish up the schooling you started
  • learn a language
  • get your Temple recommend
  • make exercise goals
  • take that trip you’ve always wanted to go on
  • better your family relations

Whatever your goals, make some.  After making them go to the Lord and ask if these are goals you should be focusing on, and then ask for him to help you develop these aspirations. Then go to work!

  1. Get over yourself!   For me I was so consumed with the sadness of my situation that I stopped talking to people, I tried to hide from others and avoided leaving my house. This only makes you depressed so DO NOT DO IT! If serving people around your area is too hard, go outside your town and serve.  Many people are in situations that could use your tenderness.  Pray daily to know how and who you can serve.  Remember ladies, just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean the Lord won’t use you.  The more you pray the more you’ll be used!  Trust me!
  2. Get ready in the morning.    There are only a few “magical unicorn pregnant ladies” and I wasn’t one of them! So for me I needed to get ready to feel less…um…you get what I’m saying right?  Do your hair, paint your nails, put on something besides sweat pants, if you can!
  3. Exercise.   There is nothing that can change a foul mood faster than working your body out. Walk, swim, jog, hike, yoga, dance, or do whatever it is that you enjoy doing, but just move! It’s great for you and it does wonders for the baby!
  4. Nutrition is essential.    Now ladies, you will get big, bigger than you’ve ever been before but that is NORMAL! You are not fat, you’re a growing human and you need to be okay with eating more calories so the two of you can be healthy.  Follow your doctor’s orders, and drink plenty of water.  Eat fresh foods and other healthy options. Not that I’m saying you won’t have days where you’re eating the 5 food groups on the candy chart, I did that often.  Just remember to eat healthy and you’ll see a huge difference in your mood and mind.

The decision you made is stressful but one that God will help you with.  Be strong ladies and know that the Lord is there to help you along your way!  Make goals, serve, get ready, exercise, and eat well and I promise you’ll see a huge change in the coming months to your delivery.