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To The Family Woman

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To The Family Woman

My husband takes classes at the local University where he gets to know many walks of life.  The other day he came home and told me about a conversation of which he was part.  He told me of an early thirties woman who was married with two children.  She was telling her classmates that she just found out she was pregnant and didn’t know what to do.  She was telling everyone that she didn’t want to have another baby, but didn’t know what her options were.  Everyone at the table told her to abort her child.  She was told that it was better for the environment, that her “foot print” wouldn’t exceed the environments abilities to aid in life survival.  She was also told “Thank you for not bringing 100 kids into the world” and for not “being one of those families.”

As I listened to my husband rehearse the things that were said there were several emotions that came to me.  I felt sad for the woman in her plight to get help from her peers, but most of all, that everyone who spoke to her gave her such a one sided outlook.  This is why I am writing this piece. Ma’am if you are looking for answers and stumble upon this, please know that what I am saying is coming straight from my heart.  I have been in the situation several times where I didn’t want to be pregnant, and to be quite honest I was married during one of those times.  I want you to know, if you are considering aborting your child to please consider a different avenue.  Adoption.  It may seem strange for a married woman to place a child into a home, and I know that it seems easier to remove the baby before you show.  I also understand that thinking about going through nine long months only to have family and friends question you about the whereabouts of your baby would rip your heart out.  But I have found that the wounds that hurt the most are the ones in your soul. The ones that no one knows about but you.  Please take a moment and ask yourself, knowing your love (and frustration) with your own children, is this what is right for you and your family?

Adoption is something that gives you and the adoptive family the answer that doesn’t mean discarding your child.  It gives them the one thing they’ve yearned for, for years.  The thing that you don’t want, they’ve wanted more than anything.  It gives you the chance to give life to that child.  A chance to live, breath, run, laugh, and BE.  Someone else can take the “foot print” that in their home is very small.

Please talk to someone before
you make THIS choice permanent.

Please take a moment to think about this choice before you do the “easy way out”. The choice that only you will carry in your heart.