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Top 5 Reasons a Birth Mom Needs an Attorney

Top 5 Reasons a Birth Mom Needs an Attorney

As an expectant parent, this can be a very difficult time for you. Forever Bound Adoption wants to help. Placing your child for adoption is an emotional experience, which is why we encourage birth moms to ask about and access support services. As an agency, we understand your desire to be recognized and validated. To navigate the adoption process, we encourage you to consult with an attorney who can provide sound legal counsel. To help you understand the benefits of consulting an attorney, we have compiled a list of ways they can help you.

1. You Can Access Your Own Attorney

To help you, Forever Bound Adoption has arranged for some of the best adoption attorneys in the states of Utah and Idaho to provide you with a free consultation. The consultation does not require agency involvement, and you are not obligated to retain the services of the attorney(s) you consult with. Please contact us if you are interested in speaking to one of these attorneys.

2. Attorneys Advocate for Birth Moms

Attorneys will always be involved in the adoption process. When a birth mother retains an independent attorney, it adds to her support team. The adoption agency has an attorney that represents the agency and provides the agency with legal advice regarding the adoption services they provide. Adoptive families will likely have attorneys that advocate for their interests. If you desire legal representation, any of these attorneys would be happy to represent you, generally at the expense of the adoptive couple.

3. Attorneys Educate on Birth Mother’s Rights

It’s normal as a birth mom, who has decided to give up her baby for adoption, to have questions about the legal process. Attorneys can inform you regarding timelines and expectations.

4. Attorneys Identify Financial Possibilities

Attorneys have a reputation of being expensive, but do NOT let that be a deterrent to getting independent legal counsel. The adoption process is important and yours is a major life decision. Independent counsel allows the attorney to focus on you, the birth mom. Attorneys can educate you on the availability of financial assistance.

5. Attorneys Have Experience

Having access to an attorney working for you will help you throughout the adoption process. Attorneys have experience advocating for birth moms. Your attorney will be able to identify concerns and help you address your needs during the adoption process. Attorneys can help address matters that you have not yet considered.