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Unplanned Pregnancy: What Are My Options?

Unplanned Pregnancy: What Are My Options?

As a birth mother facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may wonder what your options are. At Forever
Bound Adoption, a local Utah adoption agency, we know you are making difficult decisions for your
future. In order to do what is best for you and your baby, you need information about all of the options
and resources available to you.

Current Utah law prohibits the termination of pregnancy with very few exceptions. So for most birth
mothers, options for unplanned pregnancy include parenting or placing their babies for adoption. Both
choices may seem frightening for different reasons, but once you have the information you need to make
an informed decision, you may feel less afraid and unsure. For this reason, Forever Bound Adoption
provides free, no obligation options counseling to birth mothers. When you contact Forever Bound, by
phone, text, or email, you will be connected to a caseworker who can meet with you to explain all of
your available options. These options may include:

● Parenting: either single-parenting or co-parenting with the birth father or your current
spouse or partner. If you choose to parent your baby, there may be resources available
to help you meet your needs. Your Forever Bound Adoption caseworker can help you
identify available resources.

● Adoption: there are now more options available than ever before if you choose to “give
your baby up for adoption.” You will have the opportunity to choose the adoptive family
for your baby and can also choose the level of openness in your adoptive relationship.


Levels of openness include:

1. Open Adoption: In an open adoption you work with your chosen adoptive family
to develop a plan of communication you are both comfortable with. Your
communication plan may include periodic visits, phone calls, texts, letters, and
sharing pictures. Often, you can be present for important life events. An open
adoption allows you to be a part of your child’s life and extended support system
as they grow up.

2. Semi-Open Adoption: In a semi-open adoption, the adoptive family usually
provides you with periodic information about and pictures of your child.
Information is usually shared through texts, emails, letters, or blog posts. This
allows you the opportunity to watch your child thrive in the family you have
chosen for them.

3. Closed Adoption: Some birth mothers prefer to remain anonymous. If you
choose a closed adoption, you will still have the chance to choose a loving
adoptive family for your baby.


With information and education provided by your Forever Bound caseworker, you can feel confident in
the decisions you make.

Regardless of what you choose, we genuinely want to assist you as you make these very important
decisions about your future and the future of your baby. You don’t have to do this alone. Forever Bound
Adoption caseworkers have years of experience helping birthmothers and adoptive families. Please don’t
hesitate to contact our office at (801) 821-1354, so we can work together to create the best possible
outcomes for you and your baby. We look forward to hearing from and helping you