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Uplifting Adoption Blogs

Uplifting Adoption Blogs

Because you are reading this blog we will assume that you enjoy both blogs and adoption. What blogs do you enjoy? Do you like blogs where people discuss the ethical aspects of adoption? Or, do you like the lighter reads and hearing about others adoption success stories? There will always be bad and good news online regarding adoption and sometimes its nice to just hear the ethical, uplifting success stories of adoption advocates. Below, we have created a list of some of those stories so you can relax and read.


THE OATSVALL TEAM is a family blog with 6 children. Four in this family are adopted, all with unique and eye opening stories. Each story is shared on the blog as well as updated life events. This family is involved in an organization called 147 Million Orphans and in working with them to provide food, water and medicine to children in need worldwide, to bring awareness to the orphan crisis, and best of all to assist adoptive families with fundraising through the sale of original and handmade products!


THEY’RE ALL MY OWN  is a blog by an adult adoptee who was effected so greatly by adoption that she is now an adoptive mother with four children. Many can relate to this story as she tells of the long awaited court date that seemed to take a life time.


MARVELOUS LOVE is a blog by an adoptive mother that expected a 9 month old baby girl from Taiwan – when instead God brought them to their premature newborn in Florida! This couple’s journey has many unexpected twist into the world of open domestic adoption!


ANOTHER SMALL ADVENTURE is a blog written by not only an adoptive mother of four but, a true adoption advocate! She started her blog to share her love for adoption with family and friends.This blogger and her husband are currently serving as Co-Chairs for a non-profit organization called United For Adoption and on the Utah Adoption Exchange Advisory Board!


THE SWEETEST THING is a fun blog with lots of pictures of an adventurous family. The blog is by a family that’s American, Ethiopian and Ugandan… AND they live in Germany.