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What to Expect When Placing A Child for Adoption

What to Expect When Placing A Child for Adoption

As a birth parent, there may be many seemingly overwhelming obstacles that lie ahead of you. When considering an adoption plan for your child, one of the most important things to remember is this; you are not ‘giving up’, you are ‘giving more’. By placing your child for adoption, you are choosing to give your child more than you feel capable of giving at this time in your life. Infant adoption gives your child a loving family who will care for and cherish them. Adoption is a courageous decision, one that requires much love and sacrifice. This does not mean that placing your baby for adoption is for everyone, but it is a positive option to be considered.

Throughout the adoption process, there are many things to consider and expect, including…


  • Financial Assistance
  • Saying goodbye and letting go of your child
  • Birth mother resources and grants for scholarships or counseling
  • Selecting an adoption agency and what to expect
  • Benefits from using an infant adoption agency
  • Birth father rights and how they can impact potential adoptions
  • Legalities of infant adoption
  • The difference between open and closed adoptions, and which is right for you
  • Your hospital experience
  • Selecting a prospective adoptive couple or family


More information regarding these points will be included and addressed in future blog posts from foreverboundadoption.org. If you are needing more immediate assistance, you can contact Forever Bound Adoption at 801-821-1354.