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Will I Be Able to Communicate With My Adoptive Family After I Give Up My Baby For Adoption?

Will I Be Able to Communicate With My Adoptive Family After I Give Up My Baby For Adoption?


What is an Open Adoption?

According to adoptionnetwork.com, “Today, almost 60%-70% of domestic adoptions are now open adoptions, which means there is a degree of openness and disclosure of information between adoptive and birth parents regarding the adopted child.” For you as a birth mother, this means that if you desire to have an ongoing relationship of some kind with your child and their adoptive parents, you can plan in advance for that to happen.


Can I Choose the Family that Adopts My Baby?

At Forever Bound Adoption, a full-service Utah adoption agency near you, a very important part of the adoption process for you as a birth mother is the opportunity to choose the family that will adopt your baby. Forever Bound maintains a list of home study approved adoptive parents who are ready to bring a child into their home. You will have a chance to review their online profiles, videos, and printed materials, helping you learn more about them.


Once you have identified the adoptive parents you are most interested in, your Forever Bound Adoption caseworker will help you set up face-to-face meetings.  At these meetings, you can speak with, and get to know the families. This makes it much easier to know which family will be the best fit for you and your baby.


When you’ve chosen the family that you’d like to adopt your baby, you will have the opportunity to meet with them on a regular basis. You can involve them in your pregnancy and delivery as much or as little as you are comfortable with. When it is time for you to place your baby with them, you will already have developed a relationship that will help the process go smoothly. Additionally, as part of the placement process, you and the adoptive parents will work with your caseworker to develop a communication plan, outlining your requests for future communication and contact.


Will I Be Able to Communicate with My Adoptive Family After Placement?

Communication plans can include requests for periodic updates through photographs, texts, blogs, phone calls and visits. Additionally, if you wish, you can develop a plan that involves you in important life events of your child like birthdays, christenings, and school advancements. The good news is that you have the ability to choose…both the adoptive family for your baby and whether the adoption will be open, semi-open, or closed. It all depends on what you feel will be best for you, your baby, and the family adopting them.


Who Do I Call for More Information?

We know this can be a difficult and confusing time for you as you face an unplanned pregnancy. We know you have so many questions: “How do I give a baby up for adoption?”  “What are the best adoption agencies near me?” “What do I need to know about putting a child up for adoption?” and of course, “Will I be able to communicate with my adoptive family after placement?” We also know you want to do what is best for your baby and for yourself. Please let us help you as you make these important decisions. Our experienced, compassionate caseworkers are available to help you throughout the entire adoption process. All it takes is a phone call or text to Forever Bound Adoption, at (801) 821-1354. We would love to talk to you and to help you make an adoption plan that best meets the needs of everyone involved. We look forward to hearing from and helping you!