My Favorite Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day….the big day women either enjoy or dread.   I know it is a difficult day for many women for various reasons.   As I have listened to my friends in the adoption world I usually hear how Mother’s Day brings pain.   It is a hard day for some birth mothers and infertile women, both longing for their child, both feeling a sense of loss. I remember

United For Adoption and Miss Eagle Mountain 5K Run

Saturday, April 25th, United For Adoption and Miss Eagle Mountain sponsored a 5K run to raise money for the Roskelly Family's adoption.  Despite overcast skies and threatening storm clouds, moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, teenagers, kids and babies in strollers all gathered to run for this great cause.  Some ran, some walked, some rode, but all had a great time!  There were prizes galore for the

Loving Ties – Creating bonds and claiming your child.

  Having been involved in adoption for seventeen years I have heard many  stories about adoption.   Once in a while I hear about an adoptive parent who is struggling with feeling their new baby is “their baby”. There are many varying scenarios where this sometimes occurs. The most common I see are: Adoptive couple has one biological baby and this is their first adoption.  Their placement experience was