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Fred M. Riley Foundation

Fred M. Riley Foundation


Fred M. Riley Foundation:

Placing a baby for adoption is not only an act of love, it is a great sacrifice to help provide a brighter future for all involved. The Fred M. Riley Foundations mission is to help birth parents that have placed a baby up for adoption strengthen their bright future by providing assistance with costs of education and counseling.

  • Birth Parent Scholarship Fund: This scholarship can be applied to by a birth parent who are wanting to pursue education through college or trade school by helping to cover the cost of tuition and books.
    • To apply, applicants must submit verification of enrollment which would include:
      • Class Schedule that has your name and ID number.
      • A letter of acceptance from the educational institution or trade school.
      • Applicant must be drug free and have a current C or higher GPA.
      • Tuition invoice for upcoming semester
      • An essay of about 400 words about your future life goals.
    • Deadlines to apply:
      • Spring Semester: January 1st
      • Fall semester: August 1st

Apply Here: https://saferdownstream.org/scholarship-grant/

  • Birth Parent Counseling Fund: Following the placement of your child, The Fred M. Riley Foundation offers financial assistance to birth parents if there is a need or desire to participate in Counseling or Therapy. These funds will be given on the basis of availability of funding at the time of application and will be paid directly to the service provider.

Apply Here: https://saferdownstream.org/counseling-grant/

For more information on the Fred M. Riley Foundation please visit their website at: https://saferdownstream.org/

Or contact Steve Sunday: Telephone 801-821-1354

Email: info@saferdownstream.org