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Are You Pregnant and Feel All Alone With Nowhere To Go? 4 Resources for Help

Are You Pregnant and Feel All Alone With Nowhere To Go? 4 Resources for Help

Are you pregnant and without the proper support you need? There are many community resources available to you that you can easily access and use for help. Every pregnancy is different, and all pregnant women have different needs. If you feel all alone and without a clear plan for the future, read to learn about resources for help during your 9-month journey. There are many various ways to get resources needed for your pregnancy.

Daily Necessities

Some unwed pregnant mothers lack the appropriate and adequate support they really need during their pregnancies. Many lack food and groceries that they need to feed themselves. Some don’t have a place to stay, which leads many to homeless shelters or even sleeping on the street, which is never an ideal situation for anyone. Let alone a pregnant woman. Some states offer financial aid for pregnant women in their last 3 months of pregnancy, some states have other regulations and rules for this sort of thing.  

Adoption Agency

Going through an adoption agency that offers adoption services is always a great option for any birth mothers that need assistance with their birth plan and the future they want to create for their baby. Adoption agencies typically take care of all expenses for the birth mothers they work with. They also help the expectant mother feel empowered about making decisions for her baby. Private adoption agencies can provide guidance, support, counseling, and financial assistance for birth mothers. 


Pregnancy is stressful. When choosing to adopt out your baby, there is additional stress incurred on top of the situation. Birth mothers choosing adoption for their child is an even greater mental and emotional stressor. You do not want to have to worry about where you will be living during your pregnancy. Adoption agencies will provide a place for birth mothers to stay for the duration of their pregnancy. They want birth mothers to feel safe and comfortable in their living situation. Even after the adoption, the agency will help provide options for long-term housing for the birth mother.

State-Specific Support Groups for Birth Mothers

There are some support groups out there that provide assistance and help for birth mothers before and after they adopt out their baby. There is the American Adoption Congress, and also the On Your Feet Foundation, which helps birth mothers after their adoption has taken place. There are other groups out there as well, and some might even be federally funded, which is a great asset.


There are many ways to reach out and receive support when you are pregnant unexpectedly. Be sure to also rely on the support of family and friends while going through this difficult, stressful time. That way, you will come out on top and your baby will have a better life.